Relaxation day

Today is national relaxation day #nationalrelaxationday

4 reasons to have a sound therapy treatment

If you were wondering whether sound therapy might me helpful for you, here are 4 reasons that might help you decide to try a treatment.

1.Sound Therapy is extremely effective at reducing stress.
Holding stress in the body? The vibrations from the instruments pass deep into the body, relaxing muscles and mind. During a one-to-one treatment, bowls may be placed on the body to get the strongest effect.

2.The treatment combines instruments in a specific way to influence brainwave frequencies, enabling a person to enter an altered state of consciousness similar to meditation and hypnotherapy. You won’t be able to help yourself from falling into a deeply relaxed state.

3.Feeling frustrated with something at work? Or struggling to find your focus? The treatment uses sounds that resonate with specific energy points in the body, so it’s tailored to the individual needs of the client.

4.Treatments can be relaxing or energising or both. You choose.

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