Sound Meditation

Hi Everyone.

Hope you’re all keeping well. I’ve been working on different projects the past few months, so just getting back to bringing you some new Sound meditations.

First one is this Thursday at 8pm, broadcast on YouTube Live.

Take some time out to relax, restore and revive yourself through sound.

One of the many instruments used during a Sound Meditation are Tibetan Singing bowls,

“The soothing sounds of Tibetan bowls are a very powerful tool for wellness and can be used jointly with massage techniques to enhance and prolong the effects of physical treatments. The bowls used are a great tool to tune the body and bring balance where it is needed ,both at cellular and physical level. They also bring a deep state of relaxation to mind body and spirit by relaxing the system responsible for the production of cortisol (stress hormone)”.

Discounts also available, get in touch if you want a promo code to get a ticket

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