Tuning Forks

Covid-19 update

Currently these sessions are done online and can be just as effective, wearing headphones you can experience the subtle tones of the forks just like in person.

Tuning Forks

Originally invented to create a pure tone to which musicians could tune their instruments, tuning forks have become in last 4 decades, important tools in medicine and alternative therapies.

Because they eliminate their own overtones within a few seconds of striking, the pure resulting sound waves are rapidly transmitted throughout the nervous system and entire body with just a few applications.

The ears play an important role, re-transmitting the sounds to the nervous system and via the nerves to the major organs.

In a session, the client can sit or lie down, depending on what is being treated and for how long. The tuning forks are very safe, subtle and non invasive.


Some benefits of using tuning forks

Instantaneous, deep state of relaxation
•Reduce stress
•Increase in mental clarity and brain functioning
•Encourages blood flow and lymphatic drainage
•Increase in physical energy and mental concentration
•Enhance massage, acupressure, dreamwork and meditation
•Balance your nervous system
•Balance the left and right brain